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Hope For A Healthy Future

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The word “Djiguia” means “Hope”. That is why our Tagline/Motto is “Hope For A Healthy Future”.
Djiguia 4 Africa is a humanitarian organization that provides aid to those in need in Africa. The organization was created in 2022 by Founder Henry Jondot and his wife Fanta along with members, Mohamed Toure, and Moussa Konate, also from Mali a country in West Africa. Henry, now living in the United States has made this his mission to help those in his homeland.

Although the main goal is to eventually provide Humanitarian Aid to all of Africa, they will have to start with Mali and work their way up.
(“Little by Little small steps become big steps with the help of many”.)
Malian-born, Henry became inspired to help others after witnessing the poverty and suffering in his home country.

Providing a variety of services, including food distribution, water purification, medical care, and education. The organization also works to promote economic development and women’s empowerment.

Donations from Djiguia 4 Africa help people in need all over Africa starting in Mali. Although new to providing Aid through donations, in the last year along with other organizations and individuals they have provided a great deal of help to those in need of medical care, food, and housing. With your help, they will double the amount of aid to Africa.

In Mali, Djiguia 4 Africa has provided food, water, and medical care to people affected by the conflict in the country. The organization has also built schools and clinics in areas that have been damaged by the fighting.

As a valuable organization that is making a difference in the lives of people in need in Africa. The organization’s work is essential to providing food, water, medical care, and education to those who would otherwise go without.

Two main future Goals/Objectives that need great attention and contributions are;

  1. A Dialysis Center: In the entire country of Mali there are less than 10 Dialysis Machines.
  2. Diabetes Medication and Available Information on Treatment and preventative measures. Thousands die each year without treatments and Medication.

If you would like to learn more about our organization or how you can help make a difference, please contact us by email at hjondot77@yahoo.com or by phone at (347) 488-1245.
Thank You in advance for your time, consideration, and donations.

Youth Soccer team in Mali.

Currently, Djiguia 4 Africa is helping these kids through sports and getting them off the streets. The long-term goal is to open a center where they can eat and some can even sleep. Some of the children are orphans with no one to care for them.

Youth Soccer team in Mali. Supported by Djiguia 4 Africa.